Quake 3 Code Manager

Quake 3 Code Manager is a FREE utility for Quake 3 Coders that can’t afford luxurious software like MSVC. It does all the basic stuff like searching through project, compiling + some nifty other features like Autocode, Project Reports, etc. Quake 3 Code Manager is a part of the soon to be released Quake 3 Project Manager Studio (Q3PMS) which will manage not only code but the whole mod project including maps, skins, models, etc.

Here are some things Q3CM can do:homing_var
– AutoCode (code insertion, completion – future versions will contain an updatable autocode database with all quakestuff)
– Find In Files (q3cm can search for a string through whole project)
– Compiler (a compiler with options like what to compile and what to do after compile)
– Void inserter (reads all voids from file and allows easy inserting)
– Project Explorer (the list of your files in project)

Download the setup file above and just install it to where you want. Now read readme.txt in the folder where you installed q3cm.

Download: – This is the first public release for (testing purposes).

You must have source code installed.
Quake 3 must be installed in directory called Quake3 on the root of your drive – [drive]:\quake3 (for example c:\quake3)

What is the “console”?

The console is the command line interface of the video game which allows the user to activate commands to alter the video game in such a manner that cannot be preformed through the main menu. id software was the first computer gaming company that implemented the console in their video games. One example of altering Quake 3 through the console would be activating the “god” mode of the game which gives the player infinite health. By doing this the player simply types:consoleEval


in the console and the command takes effect after hitting the enter key.

Game-Playing Screen    The console has been an invaluable resource for video game developers, editors and players alike. To activate the console simply hit the tilde key (~) which is located in the upper left hand corner of the keyboard under the Esc key. Once the tilde key is hit, a window will scroll down from the top of the screen which will have a command prompt waiting for the user to enter a command. This is the console. Learn it, live it, love it.

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